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Eli's Table

9421 Jane St
Unit 123
Vaughan, ON L6A 4H8

Phone number (905) 553-0352

Appetizers (Mezze)

Grilled Calamari ($10)
Olive oil , spices and Lemon
Shawarma Poutine ($10)
Fries, Cheesecurds, Gravy and your choice of Beef, Chicken or mix Shawarma .
Shawarma Quesadilla ($12)
Topped with Onion, Tomatoes and a side of Nacho chips with sour cream and Salsa .
Mezze Platter ($9)
Baba Ganoush, Humos, Baked Vegetables and Falafels with a hint of Olive Oil .
Fresh Cut Sweet Potatoes Fries ($5)
Fried Sweet Potatoes with Chipotle Mayo


Made Fresh Daily Small $3.00 Large $5.00
Tabouli Salad ($5)
Freshly chopped parsley with diced tomatoes and onion blended with cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil
All Bean Salad ($5)
Cracked Wheat, chick pea and fava beans, lemon, olive oil and parsley .
Pasta Salad ($5)
Pasta, peppers, celery, red onion lemon and olive oil .
Potato Salad ($5)
Potatoes, celery, parsley, peppers, onions with lemon and olive oil .
Grilled Vegetable Salad ($5)
Mix of grilled Cauliflower, peppers and Red onion.
Fatoush Salad ($5)
Lettuce , cucumber ,tomatoes, red onions and sumac.with olive oil and Lemon .
Kale Salad ($5)
Kale , sumac , red onion , lemon and olive oil .
Coleslaw ($5)
Cabbage, celery, peppers with olive oil and a hint of vinegar .

Pita's & Burgers

Served with a Pop, Juice or Water
Falafel ($5)
Ground chickpeas, cilantro, onion, parsley, garlic and spices. All falafels are fried on the order .
Chicken Shawarma ($7)
A blend of tomato paste, sumac,garlic ,oregano, salt, black pepper , olive oil and vinegar .
Beef Shawarma ($8)
Arabic Spices, olive oil and a hint of red wine vinegar .
Chicken Souvlaki ($9)
olive oil, lemon, garlic, oregano, salt and black pepper .
Beef Souvlaki ($10)
Beef marinated in Dijon mustard , garlic Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce.
Homemade Cheeseburger ($8)
Ground beef , grilled to perfection served on a toasted bun with your choice of toppings .
Homemade Chicken Burger ($7)
Yes also homemade . I get the breast cut it to my liking marinate and bread it . Fry and served with your choice of toppings .
Lebanese Sausage ($6)
A delicate piece. Popular Lebanese street food. The meat has a nice amount of spice better to serve with pickle, onion and tomato so you can taste all the mouth watering flavor .


Served with Rice, Potatoes & Salad
Vegetarian Plate Sm ($7) Reg ($9)
Homemade Falafel , Vine leaves baked vegetables, humos with baba ganoush and a huge variety of salads you can pick and choose from our salad bar . A vegans dream come true.
Chicken Shawarma Plate SM ($8) Reg ($10)
Blended with Tomato paste, garlic and sumac.
Beef Shawarma Plate SM ($9) Reg ($11)
Arabic spices, olive oil and a hint of red wine vinegar .
Beef Souvlaki Plate SM ($11) Reg ($13)
Marinated with Dijon mustard ,garlic, Worcestershire and Soy sauce.
Chicken Souvlaki Plate SM ($10) Reg ($12)
Chicken Breast dancing in a party filled with oregano, garlic, olive oil and lemon .
Mediterranean Seafood Platter ($15)
Sea bass fillet, Calamari, Shrimp and Scallops. Spiced and drizzled with olive oil and lemon.


Baklava ($2)
Per Piece
Maamool with Dates ($1)
Maamool with Dates Price per Piece
Maamool with Pistachio ($1.5)
Maamool with Pistachio Price is per piece


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